About our Programs

Minds Innovation is a Sierra Leonean youth led organization that contributes to promoting the economic independence of young people, especially women, from various cultural backgrounds in the rural areas, through training in innovative entrepreneurship and ICT skills. We’re a small agency with BIG ideas. We are creative and resourceful, simple yet innovative problem solvers.  




Our Mission & Vision

To empower youth to leverage knowledge from the tech entrepreneurship ecosystem and reframe this know-how to make it useful and effective in rural contexts.


Tailored Format

To foster and accelerate requisite employment skills to precarious populations in Sierra Leone to create livelihood for themselves and their families through innovative entrepreneurship and ICT skills.


Hands-on Approach

Building intensive digital skills training program, that integrated into guided mentorship and negotiated micro-work opportunities to ensure their readiness for the job market and instill confidence in their abilities.  

Our Programs


ICT Training

We provide hands-on computer training that help prepare bright and motivated youths who might otherwise not have the opportunity To gain the technical and professional skills they need to successfully launch a career in IT.
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We use technology to facilitate social and economic development by developing and supporting innovative projects and solutions. Helping startups to develop their product or idea and gain skills to implement a sustainable business.
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Startups Support

Our organisation is passion driven to support innovations by following an interactive bottom-up approach which relies heavily on capacity building, mentorship, industry knowledge-sharing and general advisory support.

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