Why you should have a website

In times past, people only cared about knowing your physical location as a business. 

Many businesses do not pay attention to having a functional website and social media pages. But right now, the reverse is the case.

The first place people go to get information about your business is your website and social media pages. 

To ensure you look as good as you actually are to the public, it is important to have a functional website, built and deployed on a proper and reliable hosting platform. This is to ensure that the website performs optimally on every device and browser. It also makes sure that your website is backed up and all credentials are safely kept.

Your website should also be equipped with the latest information about your business to ensure that people understand exactly what your business does just by visiting your website. The ‘About’ section should state in explicit terms, what value your business offers and to whom.

So tell us, is your website functional? Does it have the necessary information people will need?


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