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Web Design

Your website is the canvas to display your brand’s personality. Applying creative expertise with data as the undercurrent, we develop a sophisticated web presence that effectively engages your target audience. We start by helping you discover your ambition and clarify your approach.

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Online Marketing

Our social media & SMS platform allows you to connect, interact and get feedback directly. With our state-of-the-art application that we use will give you an insight into what your customers are looking for and that’s why social media marketing services cannot be ignored.


Print Management

We print & supply quality design to our clients, schools and office stationery items at affordable price. We are the number one leading stationery and printing services provider across the entire peninsular. To build your brand, you must know who you are. Come work with us.

How it works

Our Formula for Success

Mind’s Innovation is your catalyst in creating an overall brand vision that shares your brand story and informs what people think of you. Our unique Brand method allows us to get to know you, what you stand for, and why and how you do what you do. You gain clarity and confidence, and we gain a deeper understanding of you and your business; allowing us to create a visual brand that truly represents you and attracts the right clients.



Mind's Innovation process starts with your brand discovery. We help you create your unique Brand Foundation that identifies your target audience, clarifies what makes you different and why you do what you do, develops your brand benefits, personality and, ultimately, your position and essence. These findings provide a clear brand direction.



This is where we bring your brand to life visually; from your logo to your website and everything in-between. We ensure that the direction for the design of your brand is something you’ll love and be proud to share. Our design process helps us create a strong, memorable brand that tells your story and appeals to your ideal clients.



Mind's Innovation provides our clients with six months of consulting support as they launch their new business or rebrand for an existing business. Following that, we offer a monthly plan for ongoing support. You can also come back at any time for additional design work as you build your business

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