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Welcoming our Co-Founder – Alvian B.K Sesay

Alvian Bernardett Kai Sesay holds a Diploma Degree in Mass Communication from the University of Sierra Leone-FBC. She has worked as a deputy organizing secretary for Media Initiative for Women and Girls Empowerment, volunteered as a Reporter for Freetown Television Network and has also interned in one of the leading Youth organization in Sierra Leone – Global Youth Network for Empowerment and Development.

Miss Sesay is currently an honors two student at the university of Sierra Leone-FBC reading mass communication.  Since her inception in the academic field she has been an outstanding student always raising the bar high with her colorful performances. 

She enjoys writing, she most valued her pen and to her “ the pen can tell it for me” is one of her favorite lines. When not writing, Ms. Sesay enjoys reading online poems, good books and weird blurbs books about people she is interested in. At her leisures, she TikTok, surf the media and beach most often – she is a nature lover.

“I find honesty, creativity and dedication to be the most valuable qualities for success in everything and anything “ she said in one of her articles. It is apparent in her diligence and hard work over the years that indeed she live her words.

Consistency is her watch word as she dreams of a brighter future for all in Sierra Leone. 

Her presence is an enabling tool for a collaborative work environment, efficiency and development. 

“ choosing Minds Innovation is actualizing one of my many dreams, I’ve talked to people with startups, had interacted and networked with entrepreneurs and I am thinking about all the problems we are going to solve today, tomorrow and forever, why? because it is a mandate and it is the secret to success. Beginnings can be incredibly dangerous but why not? the Risk is worth it. Minds Innovation is going to be Sierra Leone’s leading Tech company and globally too. Minds Innovation is my big deal and my baby.” Alvian stated when asked “why Minds Innovation “.